Monday, 8 November 2010

Back in town


Yes it's been ages since I last blogged. I'm beginning to see that I only do this when jobs are done and I can show stuff without getting my head bitten off, tho I will try to do more. Hey, I pay for the domain name after all. 

Since we last met I have been doodling ferociously at Batman and Robin. It took me all summer and I am very proud of it. Apparently lots of people out there had never heard of me before they read that comic, so it's a good thing I drew it. All egomaniacs like minions, and I am no different.
So to celebrate that series ending I figured I'd show you lot some of the sketchy things that are a by-product of the creative process. For this post we're going to have a look at the last 2 covers I drew for the series in various states of undress.

Pencil work for issue 14. I say Pencil, but it's not really. It's all pixels, tho it also looks a bit like marker pens. I like the old school feel of pencils and pens so i choose to work this way. Makes me feel at one with the traditionalist hiding inside me under lots of warm duvets.

Misty Batman. I tried a bunch of different tricks to create depth with this cover, and this was one of them. It felt a bit busy to me tho, so I ditched it.

This is the colour sketch I sent the boss for approval. I know!! These people have amazing skill at deciphering scribbles.

Purple Batman. I almost went with this one, cos I liked the unified colour scheme, but the original contrast with the green was too alluring. Those of you who have the comic will know how it turned out. Those of you who don't...well, I don't know what to say really...;_;

Here's my 3rd cover with the Joker, and lots of pink people busting out of his head.

During an earlier stage of madness I went with a crazy background. Nausea followed so I ditched it.

This is Chuckles in his "inked" stage before any colours or backgrounds are added.

This is him all pencilly with scribbles of the mad things popping out.

Pencils. I really should stop calling it that shouldn't I?

And here's the rejected sketch I sent out first. Hey I liked it. However the crazy head popping won the day and there you have it.

Next time I visit here (soon I hope) I will show some pages from the series all broken down into rough and scribbly stages, as well as some Gutsville previews. Yes, I'm drawing it again, this time I won't stop till it's finished!!!

Time for tea now.



Blogger Mondo said...

Hey Frazer - your work on the Batman and Robin run has been stunning . Incredible panels with layered perspectives and a designers eye for detail, layout and mood - and you've brought out a yellow Submarine/Blue Meanie vibe about The Joker's manner and demeanour..

Are you sticking with B and R or on to something else?

PS do you have an original pieces for sale?

8 November 2010 at 22:22  
Anonymous jm of the cĂ­rculo de comiqueros argentinos (CCA) said...

batman and robin 15#, wow!
is awesome the robin with the clown nose!!!

JM from argentina

9 November 2010 at 00:26  
Anonymous Dave said...

I LOVED your run on Batman and Robin - thought it was some of the most visually compelling storytelling in recent history. The Joker variant cover is so amazing - I actually went on a search to pick up that one. I normally do not get variant covers but I HAD to have this one. Can you give us any insight to all the characters popping out of the Joker's head? I would love to hear more about those (especially the crazy Robin amalgam and the Cheshire like figure in the back). I could go on for ages listing amazing interior shots but I'll just say once again thank you for the AMAZING imagery!

9 November 2010 at 14:39  
Blogger Paul Shinn said...

That Joker cover is hands-down my favourite cover of the year! I've really enjoyed your work on Batman And Robin (and Return of Bruce Wayne) and look forward to your next work... Really enjoying this look behind the scenes!

10 November 2010 at 00:05  
Blogger Jim Campbell said...

Gutsville! Yaay!

10 November 2010 at 10:10  

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