Thursday, 18 September 2008

Hola! Viva Aviles!

Hola! Yes, that means "hello" in Spanish. I think. There are a lot of things that I was unsure of when I went to Spain for The Best Comic Con Ever, one of them being how to ask for coffee, and also what sort of pants to wear. What I didn't know though was that the "devil horns" gesture that one makes in the UK to represent "Awesome" means "your wife is shagging another man" in Spain, but they were so nice there they just let all of us smelly brits and yanks do it for pretty much every photograph regardless.

Besides doing lots of sketching for the politest fans in the world, I also drank lots of excellent red wine and ate some awesome food (tho I must confess when the menu was all seafood I was a little less impressed, what with me not actually liking sea food one iota) and only suffered one hangover. Magic!

There was an award ceremony on the saturday and I was the proud recipient of the Ron Garney award for "most cute guest" which was decided by a UNANIMOUS vote. The fact that there were only 2 judges makes no difference. I got the award, you didn't. So there. There is a picture of said award at the top of this post. The little guy (who is clearly high as a kite on mushrooms) is holding Strawberries, which is where my first name comes from. It's derived from the french word "fraise" as far as I know. Soon I will write the actual award info on the little guy as soon as I get it translated into Spanish.

Other than that, I have finally got this bleedin blogger crap working, put up some new galleries and am hard at work drawing GUTSVILLE issue 4. Yes, GUTSVILLE is still alive despite the fears of many of its faithful readers. I fell off my log a few months ago and I realised that in order to save my sanity after drawing non stop for 8 years that I needed a wee break, and the wonderful folks in Aviles restored my enthusiasm for the triptacular world of comics. So now I can get on with the job and complete this most excellent of stories.

And as soon as I figure out how to put hotlinks in this text I'll add more entries with links to really really cool stuff.

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Back from the dead

Ah, Spain is so nice. The spanish are so nice. The Spanish Wine is so nice. Sadly I have yet to adjust to being back in smelly old England but when I does I shall make sure I fix this bleedin website, cos I know I told a few of you to come here to email me, and it's all a bit "under construction" right now.

ANd I will also have fotos of my latest award for all to see.